FlexPoint, Inc. (“FlexPoint”, “We”, “Our”) is committed to provide the best customer service possible to all individuals. To ensure that customer satisfaction standards are met when members of the public visit and use our website (“Website”), we have instituted a Webpage designed with all consumers in mind. To this end, our Website offers accessibility tools to help those with disabilities to have an online experience that is equal to the online experience of those with no disabilities.


Accessibility Tools

Our Website is designed, developed, and managed through a mindful approach of the needs of persons with disabilities. To do so, we employ accessibility tools on the lower left-hand side of every webpage on our Website that may be accessed by clicking the icon of a person. This accessibility tool will open an array of accessibility adjustments that meet the current generally-recognized and accepted guidelines and/or standards for website accessibility. We acknowledge that these measures are ever-evolving and we reaffirm our commitment to growing our accessibility infrastructure. Additionally, you may contact us at or 888-909-7717 for direct assistance.


At FlexPoint, Inc. we prohibit interference, intimidation, discrimination, retaliation, coercion, or any other action that negatively impacts a person with disabilities.


Share Your Thoughts

In our ongoing efforts to continue to meet the needs of the public, we welcome any questions, feedback, or concerns about the accessibility measures on our Website. If you experience an accessibility issue, we would love to assist and address the issue. To share your thoughts or obtain assistance with an accessibility issue contact us at or 888-909-7717.



This notice applies to the FlexPoint, Inc. DBA Brokers First Funding and FlexPoint Home Loans, Inc.

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