Charlie Wilson rocks! He is the best professional in the field. Very competent and patient. He made me save $Ks with refinancing my mortgage.

Another excellent factor is that he collaborates with Sandra Garcia who is an outstanding, kind and super reliable professional in his team.
Both went above and beyond for me and my family. Therefore I highly recommend them and I highly advise their manager to grant both of them a salary increase and a promotion, please. 🙂

I am super happy I called Charlie when I received the letter from Flex Point Mortgage. They are independent brokers and be certain Charlie will find the best solution for you! Thank you Charlie and thank you Sondra from the bottom of my heart.

I truly wish you both the best in your current and future endeavors. You are made for the stars and great things are on your path!

– Michele S

It was a smooth and easy process .jax was always available and try to meet my needs that kept me in peace. Most of all out come was good. I strongly recommend him to other people

– Jason K.

Great experience! Lowest rates!

The first conversations were very long because i was a newbie to refinancing and mortgage rates. Jax Evans walked me through everything very patiently and repeated a few things so i could understand in detail what was going on.
He didn’t sound bothered in the least. No rush. Nothing. But i needed this to feel good about my decision.

A few times he worked late into the evening if stuff needed to be done. So professional and above and beyond!

Ran into minor trouble on my end and Mr. Evans pushed through and stayed on the ball. This will be my first recommendation to all my friends and family from now on, for getting their house their house refinanced and certainly my first phone call, if i think of buying another property!

Thank you so much!

– Dani F.

Great service and knowledge of VA loans. Went from a 3.75% 30 year to a 2.75% 30 year. Our communication was at least two times a week for updates and status. Would recommend Mike Eldeib to any of my friends and family.

– Jim H.

Got really great service and fantastic communication from Kambiz Anet! So glad he handled our refinance at FlexPoint. There interest rate was fantastic and their fees were lower than other companies that I had compared. Thanks for getting it all done so smoothly.

– Susan M.

As a retired AF officer I’m very practical and very demanding of the customer service experience I expect. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn’t familiar with Flexpoint mortgage. I told Mike what I wanted and expected. He promised to deliver AND HE DID! Less than 30 days later we had successfully refinanced our home to a 30 VA loan under 3% with very low costs and no hidden surprises. Highly recommend this company!!!

– Mark M.

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