Congratulations on your new mortgage with FlexPointinc

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Step 1: Loan Origination

We help you select the best offer based on your goals and qualifications and send you the application to sign electronically. You sign your application and send mortgage statements, homeowner’s insurance, paystubs, bank statements, taxes, etc. as needed.

Step 2: Pre-Underwriting Review

Our Pre-Underwriting Team reviews the documents you sent in to make sure they’re complete and legible, orders your appraisal (when applicable) and other reports, and assigns your file to a Loan Processor to guide it through Underwriting.

Step 3: Conditional Approval

Our Underwriting Team reviews your application and documents carefully and approves your loan, pending documentation of a number of things. They give your Loan Processor a checklist of additional items needed for the final approval, which your Loan Processor reviews with you.

Step 4: Completion of the Approval Checklist

Your Loan Processor completes the checklist from Underwriting, then submits your file for final approval. The checklist varies from one application to the next, but it typically includes requesting information from various companies and collecting several items from you.

Step 5: Final Approval

Our Underwriting Team verifies that the checklist has been completed and issues your file approval. Your Loan Processor contacts you to schedule a closing appointment with your local notary.

Step 6: Closing

The notary meets you and guides you through signing your final documents, then sends them back so we can review and disburse the funds.

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